summer so far

frog cocktail ring from lucid new york
thank you Anna, I loooooove it; it has gotten so many compliments!

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11 Responses to summer so far

  1. There's not a word in existence to properly describe how beautiful you are! You've been integrating color into your wardrobe unfathomably well.

    + girl, I ♥ the slug haha.

  2. Those are some amazing rings.


  3. juno says:

    you're gorgeous. i want those ysl rings but unfortunately i have huge sausage fingers :( btw i borrowed some of your pictures and posted them on my new site. i hope don't mind. i credited you.


  4. Dannie says:

    you look sooo cute in the first pic, loooving ur hair :) and the rings are niiice, esp. the insect looking one ;)

  5. Julia M says:

    That frog ring is SO COOL! Plus, your hair's looking pretty awesome these days :)

  6. denise says:

    so cute haha

  7. Riina says:

    aw u're so cute ♥
    ps. i luuuuv those rings!

  8. Taryn says:

    nice rings, looks like summer is being good to ya. That slug is so cute !

  9. Macy says:

    love those rings, and you look so beautiful in that first photo

  10. Love that first picture :)

  11. Babe your rings rings rings really really cute

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