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girls' night out

here's what I wore to the Sheckys' Girls Night Out event in Houston. there will be a post feature photographs of my favorite items from the night on their website soon!


seafoam summer

semi-new top from Target <3 I'm actually wearing this with a red softball uniform belt. sea foam and red is my new favorite color combo. want... more...


I love colors

We Love Colors sent me over a sample of their tights and I have to say I am extremely impressed by the colors and comfortability. they are vibrant, psychedelic, and soft. I want an entire body suit! there's pretty much no need to wear any other extravagant item with them, as they speak loudly enough for themselves. if Houston squeezes out a few more cold days, I am going to layer them under ripped up black denim with thigh-high socks. and for the summer, I almost want to just throw on a black leotard and nothing else. or even a matching leotard... can you imagine that under a black light?

the exact pair I have is the nylon/lycra splash colors microfiber tights in the color #7411

and just a note, I'd love to see some goth themed tights as well... black & red & white / black & purple & gray / black & white spiderwebby ink splotches mmm


purple tips

I remember when manic panic was just for all the goths and weird art kids in highschool, and now it's super hip which makes me very happy. oh the smell of grape chemicals... mmm


swan and shoes

like the winter version of bjork. swan sweater from buffalo exchange in austin

new shoes from retropolis, super weird shape that I can't help but love. I actually tried these on over half a year ago, regretted not buying them, and found them again yesterday. yay!



yuck, I do not like this 20 degree weather, even if it's not the worse that's out there x_x

I have some purple in the bottom of my hair, but it's too cold to try to capture photos of it in the sunlight. slowly adding more and more, hehe :B

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