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disgustingly stained f21 shirt, "paige" black jeans, armor body harness and ear cuff <3, unknown red bag, t.u.k. skull boots, various rings vintage mom's f21 james avery

nowadays bloggers are getting so good at photography I can hardly tell whether some editorials are blogger shot or "professionally" done! ...and here I am taking these horribly grainy webcam photos. oh well, the important thing is the ridiculous rose bag that I've been saving since childhood, waiting for the right moment to wear out again. after seeing the magnificent prada rose drawstring bag on mary-kate and lulu I knew instantly which bag I wanted to play around with again!

anyways, I hope you are all having a wonderful winter so far! and thank you to all the sweet people who wished me a happy new year. and for those of you who also had a shittastic 2009, 2010 will be better. I can feel it!

EDIT: my tattoo is of the word "movement" and it was inspired from the Beatles' song Hey Jude, the specific lyric: "the movement you need is on your shoulder"

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