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wow, it's not photobooth!

okay, it is finally September in Houston, but it's like 105 degrees outside everyday. it's nearly cancerous to step outside. I feel like burnt flesh dipped in soysauce.

I recently moved into a strange little suburbia and finally had to chance to visit one thrift shop around here. I didn't have much hope clothing-wise but, actually, I was wrong! yay :D here are my most recent finds:

(the hemp hat is a gift from my friend Robert and I loveee it)

vintage wool Ralph Lauren skirt for too cheap to be said, muahaaahahaha

pleated paisley skirt, I like

btw, I will be in NY for Sept 7-12! finally I get to see Fashion's Night Out and the city during fashion week :D

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Demonia boots

soooooooooooo I am in love with these boots, they make me so freakin tall, they're not hard to walk in, and they're ridiculous... gonna be fun stomping through this winter.



someone requested that I do a post on all my tattoos, so here are my current ones, in order:

word "movement" from the Beatles' song Hey Jude (the movement you need is on your shoulder...)

primary color squares

I almost forgot to take a picture of this one, my lil mushroom house

called "the Doors of Perception", inspired by the book and art nouveau style, this one is still unfinished

I'm not sure what I'm going to do for future tattoos yet, but I do want some more stuff on my arms. someday...


random compilation

Gee Wawa shoes

drop crotch romper (?)

my closet

these were taken my senior year of highschool, we thought we were such badasses lol ^_^"

me n dog, my love

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some lingerie please

Kimberly at was kind enough to allow me to sample one of their sexy pieces, I ended picking up this lacy pink thing by Gossard, called the "Ooh La La Deep Suspender"

worn with American Apparel rose panties and Forever 21 bra

The lace detailing is beautiful, and fortunately, it's adjustable in the back. The piece definitely goes really well with the American Apparel panties... the colors are exactly the same. I kind of wanna just attach the stockings, throw on a big t-shirt, and walk out

oh and yes, that is my new tattoo ^__^"


“In spite of language, in spite of intelligence and intuition and sympathy, one can never really communicate anything to anybody. The essential substance of every thought and feeling remains incommunicable, locked up in the impenetrable strong-room of the individual soul and body. Our life is a sentence of perpetual solitary confinement.”

I am moving in about a week and launching a lil somethin' else afterwards. thanks to all who still read missnonhuman <3


I love summer time in Houston :)



forever 21 lingerie romper, american apparel tulip skirt

harley davidson boots

theory blouse

forever 21 shorts with cross sprayed on

armor jewelry

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instructions: place food on top of car and watch sea gulls from inside :D

thrifted dress, american apparel swimsuit

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summa time

thrifted shorts from Fashion Recycler

Target vest

awfully hilarious shirt from Sand Dollar that I've sent to my friend Greg

thrifted Theory silk button-down but more importantly NACHOS SUPREME FROM TACO BELL

$8 bra from Forever 21

American Apparel bodysuit over Forever 21 bra

local sex shop top over Forever 21 bra

in case you aren't following my on tumblr (click), I post waaaaaaay more on there. I watched Party Monster at least 3 times in the past week, so I think my style lately has been influenced by it - kind of sexual, kind of ridiculous. the local sex shops always have great, random, and somewhat cheap stuff.

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