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catalina coffee

photograph taken by Nina Culotta

(that's one of my roommates to the right of me, and the boy to the far right is my neighbor, and will hopefully be doing some photoshoots with me soon!)

I had the pleasure of meeting Nina this summer through a friend. she is an amazing photographer and artist, and you can check out her stuff here:

one of my favorites by her:


golds and blues

marc jacobs canvas maryjanes for $25 at buffalo exchange: so happy

this dress is kind of funny because the front design that scrunches up on the chest ends up looking like an owl; found it at sand dollar a while back for about $3

1. school starts on monday for me! I'm taking french 1502, drawing fundamentals, baroque, and medieval art history; probably one of the most "artsy" semesters I've ever taken. (I'm an art history major, studio arts minor)

*crosses fingers* for all those who are starting school soon!

2. getting a new tattoo at the end of this week. my next-door neighbor happens to be a tattoo artist! :D freakin' sweet.

3. don't forget to enter the shabby apple dress giveaway contest if you haven't already. the winner will be chosen randomly


armor jewelry freya ring

favorite dressy shoes for the moment - Jimmy Choo cage *sparkly* espadrilles :)

books I am / have been focusing on:
The Doors of Perception - Aldous Huxley
Studies in Psychiatric Art - R. W. Pickford
Love Songs to the Dead - Jonathan Shaw
On Love - Stendhal



Jonathan Adler nook cover

(all photos taken on top of a gouache painting that is still a work in progress)


my roommate Molli, who took the photos for me (thanks, love), and I both agree that I look like a hippie cowgirl... gotta throw some dark turquoise leather fringe in there

wow, I feel like my style has changed dramatically in the past year. I still love the monochromatic ensemble, but the sunshine combined with concrete surroundings has drawn me toward a more colorful approach. come winter time, the leather jackets and all black will be back for sure. the skirt and top are both from sand dollar for about $3. the subtle lace and cut-out back of the top is simply amazing ~ I wear it way too much.

I honestly don't know why I even bother looking at bags anymore... I wear pretty much only this old Balenciaga lilac hobo or a green backpack I got from Urban Outfitters. I'm on official "bag ban" until my birthday!

by the way, I have gotten two pairs of worishofer sandals - they are deliciously comfortable... to the point where I want to order the sandals in every color and never wear any other brand again. I've never worn crocs before, so I really can't compare; but it's probably a good thing I haven't tried them. comfy shoes, no matter how ugly, are my weakness.


hi house

gertrude, our antique kittycat

hey everyone! if you haven't read from my twitter, I'm in the process of moving / settling into my new house. I have some great new items (and locations) to photograph. I'm excited about a 10 set photoshoot / polaroid idea I'll be doing with one of my friends.

also, there will be a dress giveaway on the blog shortly.

I hope to be posting more frequently as I settle in completely, find the 50D charger, get my small camera back from my mom, and get my tripod into the house... :D

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