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floral skirt

my friend and photographer April <3:

it's so nice to have a friend who is the same size as you and has the same name and excellent taste. (I am not talking about myself or in third person, I swear!) my friend Michelle gave me three skirts, which are all amazing and perfect in their own way, the floral skirt above being one of them. It buttons up the side! soon to come is a modest length navy skirt with a high waist and a flowy black skirt.


springtime in paris

my younger sister Tina outside 31 Rue Cambon with her new bag; forgot to take pictures of the actual bag XD

outside the Louvre; yes, she is taller than me D:

my mom's new medium sized flap with silver-gold hardware... kind of perfect. she says "my regular flap is too small and my jumbo is too big!" I called her the Chanel Goldilocks.

awkward picture but I love it; in front of the Eiffel Tower

mom abandoned us in the streets to go shopping so we took some random photos

two beautiful ladies sitting outside H&M; love the black boots!

in the Louvre!!!!

my little brother Sunny (who is only 13 and taller than everyone in the family) attempting to pose

pigeons at the Notre Dame

Paris is so amazing! Unfortunately, we were only there for three nights, but I still think we did alright :) I had crepes, macaroons, and feasted on Italian artwork. besides the two Balenciaga purchases shown in the pics above, I also got a pair of Repetto ballet flats and Robert Clergerie pointed toe flats. I will take pictures of them soon.

the best thing about being in Paris is basking in the views and architecture... it's so beautiful! there really are no words for it. :)


about my hair perm - I got a demi-texture perm from Toni & Guy; it was $75.00. the care for it so far has been the easiest of my life - shower and use one of those dispersing things to blowdry. I don't use mousse or conditioner. still soft!

boots in above photos and post below are Acme; I found them at a Buffalo Exchange for $26.00. super comfy and I pretty much wear them every day


paris photos peek (random)


spring & rings & things

all rings from Erica's vintage jewelry store in Houston... she is amazing at finding the coolest rings; I wish I could just buy her entire shop out

matching outfits!



first photo shoot with my friend and amazing photographer April Hoyns;
photos are taken at Agora and Lawndale Art Center in Houston. we do not take any credit for the actual art work / displays.

also, I apologize in advance for the smoking photos!


there are two more photo shoots that we've done that will be uploaded shortly.

I got a perm a few weeks ago... so my hair is quite different from how it appears in these photos ;)


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