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DIY: poor man's garters

instructions: cut two semi-circles on thigh part of any tights, leaving about 1.5 in of space between, and place safety-pin around the gap, and pull down so that it tightens up the curve, super easy :D enjoy and do share if you try this out

I think I'm gonna try to do some more simple safety-pin DIYs

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NEW WORKS by J. Giroux at the UH Project Gallery, 4th Floor of Fine Arts Building

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, April 22, 6-9 PM

AFTER PARTY: at Avant Garden, 411 Westheimer, Houston, TX, 77006

please check out his site to see more of his stuff

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I'm sick, you're tired, let's dance

teehee camel and desert print shirt

I can't seem to control the wavyness in my hair...

need m04r 3y3l1ner

tic tac toe... I am getting something different shaved in, but I have no idea what to do :C

news-- I am 99% sure I'll be moving out to Brooklyn for a month in the summer time... idk the details yet but see you in Manhattan!
---- check out Stephen Farris, he's what I've been listening to lately and is a super awesome dude himself

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