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couture blowout

My friend Will introduced me to a great vintage store in Houston, so I asked him to introduce the store, since he is much better acquainted with it.

Lace Chanel Set


my friend Will in his Alexander McQueen suede bomber (only $359... kind of crazy)

beautiful vintage 1970's sweater set (I didn't get photos of the matching pieces - a full length seashell pink lace skirt and cream shell top SO DREAMY)

Couture Blowout has to be my favourite place to go for great designer and beautiful vintage clothing. Owner Fatou Fall has the best selection Houston has to offer for big label resale. I'll have to give it to Fatou; she has the best taste in clothing I've ever seen. I can't tell you how many times I've been to a designer consignment shop and wanted to pound my head in. She doesn't just buy them for the label, but for their relevance to fashion. Each item I touch something I have to take a deep breath and collect myself, because it's like being in your own VIP dressing room. There's an array of shoes, pants, jackets, dresses, skirts, blouses, jewelry, and accessories. Conscience of the economy, she makes her inventory accessible to the public by pricing things affordably. Now to disappoint the guys, Fatou only carries women's clothes, I just happened to be lucky that someone was trying to sell the McQueen jacket as unisex (for $359 I might add). If you're interested in taking your things in, she'll price the item for you and split it 50-50, and I encourage the guys to bring in their designer things also. We could get a spot of our own.


austin road trip video by michelle sanchez

I didn't even realize this, but my friend Michelle was filming parts of our trip. the best part was when they played A Tribe Called Quest at Spiderhouse Coffee. I feel it is necessary to post this, so you all can realize how much of a big fat dork I truly am (I'm not cool at all)

teehee, all my love

edit: shot with: Sony Cybershot P200, second song is: French Miami - "The God Damn Best"


rococo tunic


meet danny; you've met april

I swooned a teeny bit



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austin road trip pt 2

I had an amazing time in Austin this past weekend with my two girls Michelle and April. we sat around and painted and photographed a lot. I came to love Spiderhouse Coffee and the springs... going back asap


austin road trip pt 1

someone posted a comment regarding a pink satin shirt w/ the black lightning bolt - I found that top for 7 dollars at Loehmann's, and I believe it is Miss Sixty



the shallow meaning: they are the primary colors in squares.
the "deep" meaning: we are all living things, and consequently, we are all energy. our eyes filter thousands and thousands of multiple vibrations through three colors: red, blue, and yellow. therefore, we aren't seeing reality as it really is. we are merely hearing a song with three different keys. this is a reminder to myself that my visual perspective isn't as it always seems, that there are so many colors that my eyes are missing and so many different vibrations I cannot detect.
(I prefer to use the first meaning, because it's short and sweet and not as complicated)
by the way, that mark in the yellow square is a birth mark. I'm probably going to turn it into a smiley face or something random in the future.


out & about

kind of regret not getting the ridic goth boots...

Will and I checking out a gorgeous vintage YSL dress at Couture Blowout; post on there coming soon

miss the weather from when these photos were taken; it's sweltering hot in Houston again!

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