the shallow meaning: they are the primary colors in squares.
the "deep" meaning: we are all living things, and consequently, we are all energy. our eyes filter thousands and thousands of multiple vibrations through three colors: red, blue, and yellow. therefore, we aren't seeing reality as it really is. we are merely hearing a song with three different keys. this is a reminder to myself that my visual perspective isn't as it always seems, that there are so many colors that my eyes are missing and so many different vibrations I cannot detect.
(I prefer to use the first meaning, because it's short and sweet and not as complicated)
by the way, that mark in the yellow square is a birth mark. I'm probably going to turn it into a smiley face or something random in the future.

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25 Responses to tattoo

  1. stephy says:

    what a beautiful tattoo & meaning! <3

  2. anya says:

    i love this, simple and full of meaning. THE ONLY WAY TATTOOS SHOULD BE!! hope you're doing well

  3. Love it! You and your tattoos. I is jealous.

  4. Amazing Squares...they're perfectly squarical

  5. Ivy says:

    I love the "deep" meaning of it sfm.

  6. GIF PHOTO says:

    wow i love ur tattoss ;)
    pretty cool ones


  7. its soo cool, i really like especially how its in colour...

  8. HAL says:

    cute! i like simple designs on girls. it suits you. thanks for posting!

  9. Anonymous says:

    simply complex

  10. Mae says:

    awesome tattoo. i love abstract ink .

  11. Julls says:

    And,as always,my first question is DID it HURT?

  12. wow, simple yet meaningful tattoo :)

    love your hair, it looks like you grew it out..havent been to your blog in a while

  13. Luxe. says:

    Oh my gosh love it, never seen one like that before!.x

  14. i remember reading your post from forever ago with you wearing your pink dress with a black bolt going across one shoulder. may i ask where you bought that dress/site?
    and that meanings deep brah, i'm guessing you're an art major?
    much love,

  15. love the meaning!!


  16. Alice says:

    ya!!! i was so surprised when they were from aldo cuz they look so much better on you than in person, haha! i had to do a doubletake.

  17. Anonymous says:

    That is such an amazing explanation for this tattoo. I've never thought about the fact that I may not be seeing colors--or anything for that matter--as they really are. It kind of makes you wonder what you may be missing out on.

    xox Courtney Michele

  18. Sodoph says:

    simply beautiful,

    great meaning too

  19. denise says:

    oh cool! i love the graphic minimalism.

  20. Liya says:

    dude, SO COOL. i wish i had the balls to get a tattoo that really meant something to me

  21. o wow first time ive seen such a tattoo. nice idea!! :D

  22. Marina says:

    great blog!
    and weird tatoo, but beautiful.

  23. May says:

    Cool! I've had you on my mind since I saw you. I saw you when i went to see the corpse flower. I really wanted to ask you what the meaning was but I didnt want to lose my place in line. but I'm Glad I finally found you and found the meaning of it. sorry if I sound crazy, but who would have thought I could type in search(red, yellow, blue square tattoo) and find you? Google is awesome and freaky in soo many ways.

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