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iheartnorwegianwood's winter collection - for layering at its best

One. This turtleneck is on-point for my ideal fall/winter 2014 wardrobe.  I see myself topping it over high-waisted maxi skirts (with hidden cashmere leggings, of course).

Two. What is this witchery? This cardigan is kind of... everything I've dreamed of.  A sweet combination of soft-knit with bondage strapping.  To be worn over the leather jacket as an exoskeleton.

(all images from norwegianwood's etsy store)

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HAIR, evolution, time, space


 Back in high school, I cut all my hair off using scissors in an angsty rage to prove myself to the world - that I didn't care, that I was better than hair-care! But I regretted it immensely a couple of hours later, as the adrenaline and hormones wore off.   My mom told my my hair looked liked a dog came up and bit the back of my head.  I swore off cutting my hair short.  A couple of years, I did it again.  And regretted it again.  So after I reached hippie-long mermaid curls, they were there to stay during my music festival times. BUT, third time is a charm?

This time, though, I like it, maybe love it.  I was done with the dreadlocks and perpetual bedhead. Perhaps it's because I've found the perfect curling iron: the Revlon 3-barrel jumbo ceramic weaver -  it's easy to use, and I get insta-waves.  I'm not talented with the regular single barrel curling iron.  I also went back to my Manic Panic days, but this time, with L'Oreal Ion Color Brilliance in teal - this stuff is magic if you bleach your hair enough.  My friend says "Green tips is so last year" - I say: Seasons rotate.  (And green hair brings out a better skin tone in me. )

Time to go boogie alone to Stereolab's jams

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