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 Back in high school, I cut all my hair off using scissors in an angsty rage to prove myself to the world - that I didn't care, that I was better than hair-care! But I regretted it immensely a couple of hours later, as the adrenaline and hormones wore off.   My mom told my my hair looked liked a dog came up and bit the back of my head.  I swore off cutting my hair short.  A couple of years, I did it again.  And regretted it again.  So after I reached hippie-long mermaid curls, they were there to stay during my music festival times. BUT, third time is a charm?

This time, though, I like it, maybe love it.  I was done with the dreadlocks and perpetual bedhead. Perhaps it's because I've found the perfect curling iron: the Revlon 3-barrel jumbo ceramic weaver -  it's easy to use, and I get insta-waves.  I'm not talented with the regular single barrel curling iron.  I also went back to my Manic Panic days, but this time, with L'Oreal Ion Color Brilliance in teal - this stuff is magic if you bleach your hair enough.  My friend says "Green tips is so last year" - I say: Seasons rotate.  (And green hair brings out a better skin tone in me. )

Time to go boogie alone to Stereolab's jams

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5 Responses to HAIR, evolution, time, space

  1. Visa says:

    great post, really love how bangs looked on you. diggin the recent green tips too.

  2. Teresa says:

    Just revisited your blog and holy crap Michelle,

    Your green hair looks amazing. Now if only I could pull that off at a law office. I'll just live my hair dreams vicariously through you. BTW, the short length really suits you too. I've been wanting to put curls in my hair but didn't know what fancy device I needed. I might have to test out the one you mentioned. Thanks!


  3. Cassie Jo says:

    wow! i haven't kept up with the fashion blogs in so long!!! i'm glad to see you are still posting!! and your hair looks adorable!!!!! =)

  4. You're absolutely gorgeous !!! Love your hair , your eyeliner wing , your ...everything !!!!

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