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summer so far

frog cocktail ring from lucid new york
thank you Anna, I loooooove it; it has gotten so many compliments!


halston jumpsuit from couture blowout

I feel this piece deserves its own post... it is so utterly gorgeous in person. the material is wispy and dreamy, and oh so elegant

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ysl candies

there's something magical about this dress... I want to see it on someone so badly

deliciously thin and drapey cardigan

all items YSL from couture blowout in Houston

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this summer:
over-indulgence in the color cream, beachy highlights, the sun in gemini, feminine intuition, summer fest in houston, apple juice, swaying

P.S. to Thomas who I met at the Mink backroom, I hope you had a great birthday and remember to keep in touch! I want to take pictures of your gorgeous Natalia Brilli bracelet...


blue dot spot

Grace of bluedotspot creates amazing floral brooches and flowers using vintage materials. I would love to see these pinned all over a vest or worn as headbands! I know I'm gonna wear my grey one on a headband soon...

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May Men's Fashion Picks

by William Dunn

Limedrop has lots of great summer things, and the tailored shorts are no exception. Houston is so muggy that I hate wearing pants, so a good amount of shorts is necessary. I'm getting them in an array of colours like navy, khaki, maroon, and black. My other DIY project is making a good pair of jhorts.

For May, I like to have a few print shirts that really pop. Polka dots, muted floral, and gingham are a go for me. I have a DIY project for a white shirt of mine that has such dull buttons. I bought translucent light blue buttons that made it exciting. It's perfect for when I'm not in the mood to wear a print so I can still stand out.

This Robert Ervel rain coat caught my eye. It's a nice length and the clear material gives me the option of showing off what you have underneath.

I've been exploring the world of accessories, and rings are my new obsession. I really like this Stolen Girlfriends Club ring. It's simple and can be worn with tons of things. I've been more daring with mixing metals and I really like the look.

Slashed tees have been slowly growing on me, and I'm ready to cut a few of mine up soon. It's harder to get those interesting articles of clothing I won't sweat in for me in the summer and this perfect.

I'm having fun this May. I'm wear bright things, slicking back my hair, and trying not to sweat too much. :)

Feel free to contact me with men's fashion questions and suggestions at


first bag is YSL, second bag is Salvatore Ferragamo, first pair of shoes are Calvin Klein, second pair are Acme, dress Forever 21, zipper harness from Norwegian Wood


la la la

announcement: I will be teaming up with Couture Blowout to feature their new pieces each month. I can't wait to show you all the amazing YSL pieces all over the store; blouses, skirts, and blouses galore!

P.S. the black pumps from the first outfit are the YSL pumps I got from Couture Blowout. <3<3<3<3


the second pair of shoes are Robert Clergerie

my leg wounds are from biking. I crashed into a little ledge and pummeled into a bush XD

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