May Men's Fashion Picks

by William Dunn

Limedrop has lots of great summer things, and the tailored shorts are no exception. Houston is so muggy that I hate wearing pants, so a good amount of shorts is necessary. I'm getting them in an array of colours like navy, khaki, maroon, and black. My other DIY project is making a good pair of jhorts.

For May, I like to have a few print shirts that really pop. Polka dots, muted floral, and gingham are a go for me. I have a DIY project for a white shirt of mine that has such dull buttons. I bought translucent light blue buttons that made it exciting. It's perfect for when I'm not in the mood to wear a print so I can still stand out.

This Robert Ervel rain coat caught my eye. It's a nice length and the clear material gives me the option of showing off what you have underneath.

I've been exploring the world of accessories, and rings are my new obsession. I really like this Stolen Girlfriends Club ring. It's simple and can be worn with tons of things. I've been more daring with mixing metals and I really like the look.

Slashed tees have been slowly growing on me, and I'm ready to cut a few of mine up soon. It's harder to get those interesting articles of clothing I won't sweat in for me in the summer and this perfect.

I'm having fun this May. I'm wear bright things, slicking back my hair, and trying not to sweat too much. :)

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4 Responses to May Men's Fashion Picks

  1. Pennerad says:

    i definitely prefer menswear to womenswear most days so i'm in hog heaven, lol. i like the raincoat a lot.

  2. Liya says:

    incredible idea for a post
    even for us girls its fun to hear from the guys

  3. Claudia says:

    I like the idea of slicked back hair, ala Clark Gable :o). You would just have to be careful not to go into Portuguese/Italian territory by making it an oil slick.

    I like the clear raincoat; but I'm not a fan of shirts buttoned up all the way (Beckham seems to be a fan); it seems to have something of a vague gang aura to it.

  4. I like the pictures ! And the look

    are amazing !

    Love your blog !

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