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some deeeelicious jewelry pieces from SHOPWAS aka the amazing China Le; more photos to come

you can kind of see the foxtail piece from shop was. it's my new portable cat; I like to pet it
(in the bottom corner, you can see my opened box from China... in love w/ every piece and want to order moremoremoremoremore)

pride parade was this past weekend, and I was very happy to sit down and watch this band play, especially since he's wearing a red blazer that looks amazing
band info: Brandon West and the Black Hats


party closeups

makeup was meant to be smeared; this is me after I removed the wig in the previous post

currently upgrading my iphone to iOS 4


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quartz necklace diy

this was my little project for today. it was extremely easy to make. I bought a singing crystal from Metaphysical Matrix (on W. Alabama and Shepherd), some metal twine, and that chain piece, and it was done in about 10 minutes :)


new rings (first two are my friend's)

all rings, minus the double cameo, are from Erica's Discount Jewelry on Westheimer, right next to Agora. this is the most underrated vintage jewelry shop in all of Houston... the selection, especially for rings, is incredible. I got my beloved frog ring from there, which was sadly lost yesterday :C

this picture is from an older post, but the rings are all from Erica's as well

R.I.P. lucky frog ring


Vera Wang Lavender platforms that were on sale at Nordstroms, eeeek

my friend molli's new flats from Retropolis on 19th st

it was nice running into you at zara, emmy!


my wonderful friend robert who is so sweet

new summer sandals since I destroyed my favorite huaraches AND black snakeskin korkease sandals at summer fest this past weekend :(

chanel creeper-esque tennis shoes from couture blowout


rings nails and things

I like how you can see my friend Ryan taking photos of me... hehe

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