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kind of regret not getting the ridic goth boots...

Will and I checking out a gorgeous vintage YSL dress at Couture Blowout; post on there coming soon

miss the weather from when these photos were taken; it's sweltering hot in Houston again!

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13 Responses to out & about

  1. Chip says:

    damn girl
    how did you not get those boots???


    love where the dress hits you too, length wise. Very cute :)

  2. Alice says:

    i love these outfits :)
    plus, the color of the cardigan looks so good on you with your wavy hair

    where are your sandal/shoes from!! theyre so sweet

  3. Damn, work it girl. I love both outfits to death. No shitting you, they are so well put together I could not stop gawking.

    Also I definitely want&need your flats.

    X, China L.

  4. gorgeous outfits! love the shoes in the first ones.
    and adore the floral in the second. really amazing :)

  5. adoring your otfits.

    all the shoes are amazing. gothic boots are a little too intense for day wear.

  6. juno says:

    i love love love love love love love love love love love your whole look! i'm kinda in love with you :)

  7. Love the second outfit! The color combination is perfect. And as ridiculous the goth boots is, it's too wicked. You should have gotten it! Haha

  8. Clare says:

    So cute, love how fun these look! Your hair is super cute tooo.

    Fancy exchanging links?

    tweet tweet tweet


  9. Beautiful outfits. I loooove the length of your skirt in the first outfit...it suits you perfectly an is so unexpected and fresh.
    the second outfit is really cute - I adore that flower dress on you!

  10. Luxe. says:

    You should have gotten the boots! I hate regretting missed purchases! Love the bag.x

  11. You do black everything so well!

  12. ahh these pictures are great! love the one where you're holding the drink ha

  13. Bru says:

    Nice outfit!lovely pics.

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