golds and blues

marc jacobs canvas maryjanes for $25 at buffalo exchange: so happy

this dress is kind of funny because the front design that scrunches up on the chest ends up looking like an owl; found it at sand dollar a while back for about $3

1. school starts on monday for me! I'm taking french 1502, drawing fundamentals, baroque, and medieval art history; probably one of the most "artsy" semesters I've ever taken. (I'm an art history major, studio arts minor)

*crosses fingers* for all those who are starting school soon!

2. getting a new tattoo at the end of this week. my next-door neighbor happens to be a tattoo artist! :D freakin' sweet.

3. don't forget to enter the shabby apple dress giveaway contest if you haven't already. the winner will be chosen randomly

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11 Responses to golds and blues

  1. Julia M says:

    Those Marc Jacobs shoes are too cool, especially for that price!

  2. You look gorgeous. I'm itching for a new tattoo, can't wait to see what you get.


  3. Great shoes and I love the dress !

    Oh and, I've changed my blog link into - so please,if you still are interested in my blog, follow me on that link ! Hugs :)

    PS: Good luck with school - sounds like an interesting semester !

  4. Kristine says:

    so. you HAVE to do a shoe twin post =)

  5. Anonymous says:

    your hair has gotten so long! lovely!

  6. Heather says:

    Those Marc Jacob shoes are FANTASTIC!!! And at that price?!!? How could you go wrong!? What a fantastic find. I'm totally jealous!

  7. Anonymous says:

    love that dress!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Found you from Rumi's site, You will love our foxtail chains w/ real deer skin leather tassels. So hot....just like your blog.



    Shoddy Lynn

  9. Tu es très belle, cette robe te va à merveille!!!


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