some lingerie please

Kimberly at was kind enough to allow me to sample one of their sexy pieces, I ended picking up this lacy pink thing by Gossard, called the "Ooh La La Deep Suspender"

worn with American Apparel rose panties and Forever 21 bra

The lace detailing is beautiful, and fortunately, it's adjustable in the back. The piece definitely goes really well with the American Apparel panties... the colors are exactly the same. I kind of wanna just attach the stockings, throw on a big t-shirt, and walk out

oh and yes, that is my new tattoo ^__^"

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6 Responses to some lingerie please

  1. of course you can pull that off! i love the bra/bustier/top more though :P

  2. denise says:

    aww i love those high-waist suspender lingerie thingies! they're so flattering haha also at first I was like uhh whats all those bunchy crunchy things on your underwear and then I was like ohhh ok AA rose..

  3. please says:

    PLEASE do a post on all your tattoos!! Pleasepleaseplease...

  4. Meg says:

    I love this! super sexy, you could totally pull off the t shirt and garter belt outfit

  5. ac says:

    Such a sexy lingerie can help you win any man you want because as I can see you enjoy it and this is a very important thing....a sexy lingerie shouldn't just make you look sexy but also feel sexy and that's what I see here, a young woman looking and feeling sexy wearing her lingerie.

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