tuesdaywednesday break my heart

disgustingly stained f21 shirt, "paige" black jeans, armor body harness and ear cuff <3, unknown red bag, t.u.k. skull boots, various rings vintage mom's f21 james avery

nowadays bloggers are getting so good at photography I can hardly tell whether some editorials are blogger shot or "professionally" done! ...and here I am taking these horribly grainy webcam photos. oh well, the important thing is the ridiculous rose bag that I've been saving since childhood, waiting for the right moment to wear out again. after seeing the magnificent prada rose drawstring bag on mary-kate and lulu I knew instantly which bag I wanted to play around with again!

anyways, I hope you are all having a wonderful winter so far! and thank you to all the sweet people who wished me a happy new year. and for those of you who also had a shittastic 2009, 2010 will be better. I can feel it!

EDIT: my tattoo is of the word "movement" and it was inspired from the Beatles' song Hey Jude, the specific lyric: "the movement you need is on your shoulder"

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29 Responses to tuesdaywednesday break my heart

  1. xo, Alexi says:

    i wish i had a better means of taking photos myself. when my sister's not available for photos, i just use photoshoot. your outfits are so cute that you don't even need good photos though. i really like how the first pose shows off your tattoo


  2. No matter what, I still enjoy when you share photos! Who wants to see professional photos all the time! It would seem very ingenious and I rather enjoy the personal, voyeuristic style of capturing the moment.

    Frankly, I only have my 6 year old point and shoot Sony digital camera so as much as I desire a spanky new digital SLR to take magnificent shiny "pro" photos, I just can't afford it.

    Keep it up, you're still awesome!

  3. Midori says:


    that bag is great. i think it'd look either too precious or utterly wtf if i carried it, but it's a nice contrast to your asthetic.

  4. Dannie says:

    heyy you're back :)
    loooving the hard metal look here
    the jewelry is friiickin fierce and those boots ar ehard core in the siiicest way, wish i owned those gems!

  5. s.walt says:

    its friday im in love - WITH YOUR TATTOO!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Your back! How was China!?

    LOL "disgustingly stained f21 shirt" You're funny and the best part is I don't think you try to be :)

  7. HAL says:

    I love that bag! It reminds me of this red silk CdG bag I have. Great post.


  8. V says:

    Awesome tattoo placement! But yes everyone has SLRs now a day, I feel unequip with my digital camera haha. It's okay, your grainy pictures add to your blog's charm!

  9. You make me want to go out and buy a ton of huge rings. But I have fat fingers so the cheap ones rarely fit. I guess I need to make a new resolution to work out my fingers by typing more.

  10. Midori says:

    just noticed i spelled "aesthetic" wrong. pah.

  11. Liya says:

    god i love that bag!! and i totally get it with the pictures....mine, when i put them up, do nooooooot look good haha but what can you do


  12. hi, it's been a long time since i dropped my last comment, though i am still reading your blog. i always love your style, i mean it. the way you combine all the accessories and outfits, adore it. your bag also cute,,:D
    and about your photos, don't worry about it. it's good enough that you want to share your photos with us your readers.
    i'll comment later, keep blogging and keep inspiring.

  13. Val says:

    I love the rose bag, and I know you'll have a better year this time around, you deserve it girl :)

  14. Ivy says:

    I love this, especially with your rose purse. Hell, yours might just be better than the Prada one!

  15. eh dont be so serious :-) i kind of like the graininess of your photography. You do it a lot so i kind of figured it was purposely done. Doesnt look like its dont by accident!

    either way your photos arent a problem because i still read your blog !

    loved the outfit, especially the accessories.

  16. It's so great when old once upon a time fashionable items find a way to pop back up and become relevant! Everything goes round in circles, the bag was cleverly kept!! I hope you can check out The Fashion Smoke and follow :)


  17. Oh and I noticed your jeans are named after me. I really wanted to try a pair of them just because we share the same name. ahahah.

  18. hey girl you have a lot of stunning rings and we simply love your tattoo :))
    great blog dear, xx


  19. sometimes the grainy photos work too tho :)
    found you via chictopia!
    are you oon bloglovin so i can follow you?

  20. szela says:

    love those rings! grainy photos have their own charm too. (:

  21. That's the spot I want to have my tattoo if I were to get one! What does yours say?
    Can't seem to read it with your grainy pictures. Haha. Kidding of course. =)
    But seriously, what does it say? If you don't mind me asking.

  22. tell us about the tattoo?

  23. ~ Faith says:

    I totally depend on my webcam for pics sometimes too... yours aren't too shabby! I wish I could wear as many rings as you, but for some reason I hate when they clink and grind together. Haha.


  24. S U N N Y says:

    Hello. This is S from 102889. 102889 is no longer being used but I have a new blog so check it out and we can follow each other again ^^ alldatglitters.blogspot.com

  25. Faridah says:

    That rose bag is so so adorable. I love it. Really cute outfit girl!

  26. You must add one of my vintage leotards to your look!


    Let me know what you think!


  27. That tattoo is genius, I love it!
    Love the bag and the rings too.

  28. i hope you don't mind me stalking your old posts but umm...did the tattoo hurt a lot? i was thinking that i'd eventually get a tattoo on my shoulder/back area but i'm kind of pain intolerant...

  29. Anonymous says:

    Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time.

    - Kris

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