I love colors

We Love Colors sent me over a sample of their tights and I have to say I am extremely impressed by the colors and comfortability. they are vibrant, psychedelic, and soft. I want an entire body suit! there's pretty much no need to wear any other extravagant item with them, as they speak loudly enough for themselves. if Houston squeezes out a few more cold days, I am going to layer them under ripped up black denim with thigh-high socks. and for the summer, I almost want to just throw on a black leotard and nothing else. or even a matching leotard... can you imagine that under a black light?

the exact pair I have is the nylon/lycra splash colors microfiber tights in the color #7411

and just a note, I'd love to see some goth themed tights as well... black & red & white / black & purple & gray / black & white spiderwebby ink splotches mmm

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11 Responses to I love colors

  1. :D They are severely cool. A very playful look.

  2. noura. says:

    your legs look amazing no joke

  3. Yinmei says:

    what's the difference between the nylon/lycra ones and just the plain nylon ones?

  4. Kristine says:

    those tights are so fun!

  5. Yinmei - I have no idea :/ you can try emailing welovecolors your question though

  6. Ashlyn says:

    Those tights are pretty awe inspiring.

  7. ~ Faith says:

    These are spectacular! Love, love, love!!


  8. love the color and pattern of the tights. they are so great looking. hope you get a lot of use out of them ( which I think you should)

  9. Shasie says:

    Do you have a bloglovin or a google follow section? I would love to follow your blog! I'm looking to find HOuston bloggers like myself!


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