purple tips

I remember when manic panic was just for all the goths and weird art kids in highschool, and now it's super hip which makes me very happy. oh the smell of grape chemicals... mmm

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6 Responses to purple tips

  1. Maria says:

    haha, I JUST out pink in my hair. I'm loving this trend too :)

    U look great!

  2. noura. says:

    i really want to do the dipped ends look but unfortunately the coolness of it hasn't reached my school yet

  3. Annabel says:

    ohh what colour is this? how long did you have to leave it in for? my hair colour is similar to yours and i tried it once, but it didn't show up :-S love it!

  4. beautiful pictures :)

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  5. Annabel - I used Splat, Lusty Lavender: http://www.totallyhaircare.com/store/product.php?productid=159&cat=5&page=3

    I bought it at walgreens. I leave it in for about 30-60 mins

  6. Looking fabulous!
    I've planed to dye my hair purple aswel when it gets more sunny. I can't wait!

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