swan and shoes

like the winter version of bjork. swan sweater from buffalo exchange in austin

new shoes from retropolis, super weird shape that I can't help but love. I actually tried these on over half a year ago, regretted not buying them, and found them again yesterday. yay!

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6 Responses to swan and shoes

  1. noura. says:

    no joke, i love your sweater, buffalo exchange is fantastic

  2. Dannie says:

    that sweater is siiic, i loove the fit and length- it'll make for a really versatile and cozy piece. buffallo exchange is the shiz niz, which is why im sooo excited to be moving to sf soon :)

  3. Taylor says:

    Those shoes are really cool, ahh! I want.

  4. Crystal says:

    I miss being able to go to Buffalo Exchange and finding all sorts of random, awesome things! Great sweater and the shoes are strange, but interesting!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I wish I could pull of shoes like that. They are awesome. Good find1

  6. Dude your style is awesome.

    Keep doing all your colous. A Like.

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