armor jewelry bolera

armor jewelry

what an incredibly beautiful piece! thank you so much sandee.

my plans for this include wearing layers and layers of draped black scarves beneath it in the winter time... mmmm, with the tails flying out in the wind. :D

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15 Responses to armor jewelry bolera

  1. Alice says:

    i love armor jewelry.. so original!

  2. By far one of the more interesting/spectacular pieces of body jewelry I've seen.

  3. Anonymous says:

    LOVE IT! I would love a piece of jewelry like that. So jealous, enjoy :D

  4. this is pretty ill - imma have to see what materials i have laying around to try and make this a diy ;)


  5. Riina says:

    woow that dress! The most beautiful thing i've ever seen i swear!

  6. what a beautiful piece!! i covet

  7. Dannie says:

    beautiful piece
    i looove the chains and the soft pleats
    beauuuty ;)

  8. that chain is so damn badass!

  9. lusting everything in these photos esp. the chains. Perfect!!

  10. galatea. says:

    at first i thought they were arm tats. would have been very cool too x


  11. galatea. says:

    really? even better!

    very unique. props to uu x

  12. Anonymous says:

    Your short cut made you look badass but I really like your longer wavy hair. You already seem really feisty (in a good way lol) so the hair is kinda ironic in a way. Oh well, enough blabbering about that. Love the Armor jewels and maxi dress combo.

  13. Absolutely gorgeous! love the whole look

  14. Anonymous says:

    good start

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