the youth is starting to change

This is a call to arms
to live and love and sleep

We could flood the streets
with love or light or heat

i r scary frog with red lipz

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25 Responses to the youth is starting to change

  1. We NEED to be best friends seriously.

    + you're fraken gorgeous

    KISS, China L.

  2. Sushi says:

    Seriously love your boots x Sushi

  3. Sarah A. says:

    amazing! where are those shoes from?!

  4. You're hilarious chica!

    Love the ensemble :)


  5. Riina says:

    hahah funny pic of you :)
    looove those shoes :o!

  6. Anonymous says:

    heaven.. those shoes are seriously amazing

  7. cat says:

    whoaaaaaa those shoes are sick! are they available online?

  8. ~ Faith says:

    Tee hee... your frog comment made me giggle.


  9. denise says:

    ughhhhh jealous of those boots!! toooo awesome.

  10. kelsea says:

    you have a really nice eye for gorgeous, classic pieces. love your style <3

  11. Anonymous says:

    i love everything that you are wearing and especially the bag.

    check my blog:

  12. LOVE those wedges! where are they from?

  13. Anonymous Coward says:


  14. THOSE SHOES!! amazing. and 'the youth' is such a great song, it actually sounds a kerzillion times better live then pre-recorded which isn't a very common occurance.

  15. I'm still so in love with your Rick Owen boots...they are beyond perfection!

  16. nOeMi!!! says:

    i love the boots!!!
    i follow u okay!!
    please comment my blog!!
    suscribe if u want
    u r great

  17. Ashley says:

    you are so adorable =)

  18. Anonymous says:

    how much did you pay for them?never seen those before on any online store.they're just perfect!are they comfy? xo

  19. Pennerad says:

    haha, good shit. the boots are awesome.

  20. Anonymous says:

    haha cute picture, great outfit too. i is loving it.

    btw, can't comment your 2 recent posts...hmm?

    p.s. i know, i seriously dropped some comment bombs on you all at once. ;-)

  21. soo fucking jealous of your shoes and bag.

    btw I loveyour face piercing. I wish i was brave enough to do that except I don't think my face could pull it off....

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