VLOG finally

sorry the video cut off :( I am just a failure with videos in general

was the haircut nana o. inspired? - No, it just grew into a Nana haircut :)

Where do you find inspiration for outfits or for your art? - For art, I always started the night before it was due so there really was no inspiration. For outfits, the internet.

Question: Favorite candy? - MOUNDZ!

do you like/listen to K-POP?:D - Not really, but I know of Big Bang and Epik High

is there a color you cannot stand :) - I tend to stay away from blue and oranges.

Why on earth did you sell those wedges? - They were a little too big and I felt I didn't wear them enough :(

are you planning on studding your PS1 bag still? are you thinking about selling some more stuff on your blog?
and do you work and go to school? - Yes, yes two pairs of Marc by Marc Jacobs boots, school just finished but yes I work.

Do you have a job? If so, doing what? - I just started as a teacher assistant at a Buddhist summer camp. l o l

What's your dream job? - Being a personal shopper or stylist.

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23 Responses to VLOG finally

  1. Anonymous says:

    bigbang's the best!

  2. denise says:

    hahaha cuuuuuuuute!

  3. a.mi says:

    haha I'd want to be ga eul too! I'm pretty much in love with leeminho/gujoonpyo <3 are you from dallas? yay for fellow texans :)

  4. Melody says:

    I agree that Kim Bum is so unbelievably cute. :D and Boys Over Flowers was pretty good except that Kim Joon was the forgotten member and never got a story line. lol.

    I've been following your blog since you started and I have to say, it's one that I'm always looking forward to seeing if there's a new post. :]

  5. michelle says:

    where did you get that cute top youre wearing?

    i think youre so cute and authentic!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hooray for a video! and Since your fashion inspires me..i present you a blogger award. Check it on my blogga! =]

  7. i really like boys over flowers thought i havent finished watchin it...great vid :)

  8. ~ Faith says:

    I love your taste in manga! I totally have read all of those. ^_^


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  10. sorry, bad typo above. great video and you seem so cool and genuine. do you mind linking my blog and maybe taking a look? thanks so much!

  11. Kitty says:

    Hi from France!
    Just wanted to tell you I like your blog and the way you write and dress. Your outfits are almost all really cool...
    I'm a short-asian girl with an awful need to be well dressed, that's maybe why I love reading and watching your blog so much. And I also LOVE Nana.

  12. a.mi - I'm actually from Houston, but Dallas is great, too! I was there last semester.

    Melody- Thank you so much! hehe I love Kim Bum

    Michelle - It was on sale from GAP a while back :)

    Sylvia - Thanks! <3

    Minorkeys - I will definitely add you!

    Kitty - AWW thanks. I really want to learn French (random fact) Nana is awesome!

  13. vlogs are sickk///in a good way :)

    the crumpet girls

  14. Luxe. says:

    Haha I loved the part with the phone call, so cute!.x

  15. Alice says:

    omg, you're so cute!! your hair is perfect! your hair looks amazing short, and at this length too!

    lol @ 'my phone's ringing..'

    oh no!! it ended. oh well, until next time!

  16. Christine says:

    I love your hair so much! The vlog was really cute and fun to watch...too bad it got cut off, though :T

  17. juno says:

    ur too cute! wahhhhhhhh

  18. You sounded so great!! And I am watching Boys Over Flowers now!!!! Kim Bum is indeed a cutie, especially when he gave that smile! Awwwz. Anyway have you watched the Japanese version? I love it so much!!

    You are too cute!!! ^^

  19. Anonymous says:

    Oh btw, i am also 5 ft. flat, haha!!

  20. oooh i wanna ask you about your piercing thingy..is it a piercing? the shiny things under your eye? and if so..did it hurt?

  21. S U N N Y says:

    gorgeous babe. so glad your back!


  22. Teresa says:

    Love the vid! You're adorable and your hair looks great!


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