personal prints

I am going to be making these images into poster-sized prints and selling them soon. :D

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9 Responses to personal prints

  1. OMG, the 3rd photo is stunning !
    Great job and good luck ♥

  2. alison says:

    The first one is really great! Excited to see the posters <3

  3. Midori says:

    beautiful! can't wait to see them in poster form!

  4. noura. says:

    holy shit. these are immensely brilliant.

  5. naomi says:

    these prints are so cool. so so so cool.

    finally hatachi

  6. Marina says:

    These are so lovely. I especially like the first one.

  7. wow lovely pix! love the 2nd and last one
    feel free to Follow Me xoxo
    twitter: @FASHION_ICE

  8. Alexandra says:

    they're amazing ! I love the second one , they're surely gonna be successful!

    Merry Christmas !

    alexandra @

  9. I must say I really fucking love your art!

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