c'est la vie

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12 Responses to c'est la vie

  1. denise says:

    um CUTE???????????????

  2. I love the vintage feel of you pictures

  3. SO. says:

    is thsi real film? it looks really nice

  4. Claudia says:

    The guy in the pics with you (I think you said that he's your neighbor?) is sort of channeling the look of Jude Law's character in the Talented Mr. Ripley. Love it! Very Mediterranean.

  5. You have the same given name with me...love your blog

  6. Midori says:

    hi you look great in red and i really like your eyebrows!

  7. meghan says:

    I love these photos, they're so beautiful

  8. Rackmount says:

    I'd add to Claudia's assertions that the guy in the pics is channeling James Dean. Has the same look, postures and bad-boy attitude.

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